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Ever wonder what the steps are for the creation of one of Apple‘s iPhones? Don’t quote us on this, but our guess is that it involves picking out what materials to use for what parts, and then ordering those to be assembled later. Well, Apple has reportedly ordered 70 million OLED display panels from Samsung. […]

It may seem like the gang at Cupertino is no longer innovating, what with the rather tepid releases that they’ve been putting out as of late, but make no mistake, there’s still a lot of crazy ideas being thrown around inside the Apple offices. In fact, they might just have a little something to shut […]

While they did cut down on the number of available old iPads, Apple also announced something new. They now have a tablet model called simply the Apple iPad, with specs that don’t even really match old iPad mini 4. But it uses a bigger display and a newer processor, and it also has a lower […]

Apple used to sell two old iPad models alongside its newer iPad Pro models in a rather confusing effort to keep their customer’s options open. But as of this week, the Cupertino-based company has moved to cut those options down a notch, by fully discontinuing at least one iPad mini model while also making only […]

The iPhone SE getting updated internals–if only slightly–wasn’t the last of Apple’s activities for the month as far as its handset division is concerned. Updates were also issued for both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. And the changes are quite easy to notice.

About a year after it was first announced and released, the Apple iPhone SE has finally been updated. Now, the 16GB model is no more. The base model of the iPhone SE now comes with 32GB of internal storage. But it stays at the exact same price point as the original. Meanwhile, the 64GB model […]