Samsung Galaxy Note9 price and you: Are flagship smartphones worth it anymore?

Note9 price
After seeing the Galaxy Note9 pre-order prices in the Philippines, we’ve been given pause for thought. The base models, which are available in various colors with 128GB internal storage, cost Php 55,990 each. Meanwhile, the premium Ocean Blue model, which comes with a matching yellow S-Pen stylus and 512GB internal storage, has a Php 75,990 price tag. Sure, the Note9 is big and shiny, and offers a ton of bleeding edge smartphone features, but is it really worth that much? In fact, is any smartphone worth this much at all?

Samsung Galaxy Note9 now available for online pre-order with exclusive freebies

Samsung Galaxy Note 9
That was quick. The just-announced Samsung Galaxy Note9, which is said to be scheduled for a global release through certain markets on August 24th, will evidently be making its way to the Philippines very soon. As a matter of fact, it’s already available online through pre-order, and it comes bundled with a number of surprising freebies. When we say surprising, we don’t just mean that they will make you go, “Oh, this sure is nice to have.” We’re talking about, “What? No way! You can’t be serious?” level stuff.