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Any Android One users still out there? Once, it was the best bet for an affordable and hassle-free way to experience the latest version of Android on a smartphone. Now, you barely even hear about it anymore. But it’s not dead yet.

If you somehow got a hold of and got to keep any of the original Android One devices launched here in the Philippines, and you happened to receive the software update to Android 7.1.1, then you can expect to see the famous Google Pixel Launcher become available as a new downloadable Launcher for your phone. Actually, it’s just near-identical Launcher to the Pixel Launcher, but it’s an official release. And some of the few changes on it include the ability to now add 5 different app shortcuts to the dock at the bottom of the Home screen.

No doubt, it will also have other things to keep users busy, but primarily, it seems like a great way to at least unify the look of all currently available phones running stock Android on Nougat. We’re not sure when or how users will get this rollout, but we suggest excitedly checking the Software Update options in the Settings screen. That usually works for us.


Y!mobile via Android Police

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was a fantastic piece of tech. It had all the best smartphone features available, including a number of exclusive Samsung extras. It’s also one of only a few high-end Android phones with built-in stylus support. And with the support of local carriers and local distribution channels, you didn’t even need to pay an arm and a leg to get one.

Unfortunately, as you may already know, it suffered from an irredeemable flaw, which meant that it had to be recalled from the hands of customers, from stores, and eventually, from the whole world itself. Samsung has since been hard at work at identifying and fixing its issues. And now that the dust has settled, it appears that they finally have.

In a statement published on the official Samsung Newsroom, the Korea-based company has revealed that it plans to start selling the infamous Galaxy Note 7 again, pending “consultations with regulatory authorities and carriers.” Samsung also says they will also consider if there is still a local demand for it before deciding to finally push through with the sales. The Galaxy Note 7 will then be classes as a refurbished device, and depending on price, it might well be something worth considering. Would you pay for a refurb Note 7?


Samsung Newsroom via The Verge

Facebook has updated its mobile app for both iOS and Android yet again, and this time there are a bunch of new features that should be a favorite among those who currently enjoy the “Stories” feature on Instagram as well as the “My Day” feature on Messenger.

Facebook’s latest app update introduces Facebook Stories, an in-app implementation of the earlier-mentioned features from Messenger and IG, which allows a user to upload both photos and videos that expire and disappear automatically after 24 hours. And not only that, but there’s also a new built-in camera with new camera effects right inside the Facebook app.

The new Facebook app camera is packed with dozens of effects like masks, frames and interactive filters for you to trick out your photos and videos. In a press release, Facebook also said they will be partnering with brands to create masks for upcoming movies. If you’re curious to find out exactly what all these new features are about, you can download or just update Facebook on your phone right now, whether it’s an Android or an iPhone.


Facebook Newsroom

Discounted ex-flagships are always something you should look out for. Don’t believe us? Just check out what’s happening with the OPPO F1 Plus over at Lazada. Recently, Lazada held a 5th birthday anniversary sale where a lot of items were heavily discounted–electronic or otherwise. OPPO, being one of the more prominent tech brands in the country right now, eagerly got in on the action. The China-based smartphone brand announced that it had a total of 5 different models on sale. This included its previous flagship model, the OPPO F1 Plus. It’s still a pretty powerful handset despite its age, rocking a 2.0GHz Helio P10 processor, 4GB RAM, 64GB storage, and a built-in 2850mAh battery with fast charging support. Its original retail price was a little over 20k, but now, you can buy it online for only Php 14,990. OPPO let us know that the F1 Plus would be on sale only until the 23rd, but here we are a full 5 days later and it’s still up for sale at the discounted price. If you’re looking for a selfie-centric phone, this is as good a bet as any. See the source link below for details on how to buy it.



The Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom is one of today’s most hotly-anticipated dual-camera smartphones, and for good reason. It’s set to marry the known reliability of the Asus Zenfone smartphone brand with the novelty of having a dual-camera setup on the back of a phone in lieu of what most of us probably grew up with. While the dual camera smartphone is not a new concept, it’s new to Asus. And it will be interesting to see exactly how it will be utilized with Zen UI.

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Vivo Y53
After years and years of the smartphone’s evolution, it’s funny how one of the most-requested features is still a good built-in camera. Camera performance is, by far, still one of the easiest metrics to measure new smartphones with. If it has a good rear or front camera, chances are, you can reliably use it day in and day out.

It’s really no surprise that Vivo, still a rather new entrant to the local smartphone market, chooses to focus on cameras when it comes to its latest phone models in order to convince buyers to try out their brand. Case in point: the company recently launched the Vivo Y53. It’s one of the more affordable models out of Vivo’s stable. Its main selling point? A good, reliable set of cameras for everyday use.

According to Vivo, the Y53 will let you “capture every detail of precious moments for less.” Up front, it comes with a 5MP selfie camera that uses the screen at maximum brightness as a sort of artificial LED flash. And then at the back, it has an 8MP camera that can be used to capture up to 32MP photos via a clever “Ultra HD” mode in the stock camera app.

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Competition on the mobile data landscape sure is tough, even though there’s only two real competitors in the ring. In an earlier report, we told you about Globe‘s plea to convince more people to get onboard its costly 4G LTE network and leave their old 3G devices behind. Globe also listed a number of handsets that could and should support its LTE network bands, so that you could have an idea of what kind of phone you’re supposed to buy and use.

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