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About a month ago, we showed you what a talented designer with a creative vision can do with the latest digital textile printing solutions from one of the world’s most innovative companies. We’re talking about Epson, which back then announced its partnership with Filipino designer John Herrera, who won the Top Designer Award in London […]

Predator Philippines today announced that it has partnered with ONE Championship in order further promote excellence in the highly competitive sport of–you guessed it–PC gaming. Yes, they did indeed refer to PC gaming as an actual sport not unlike MMA, so for people like ourselves who have spent countless hours honing our skills in front […]

The Nintendo Switch may be all the rage these days, but back in 2016, Nintendo announced and then released what it called the NES Classic Edition, a home gaming console that was meant for retro games that defined a generation of console gamers. The NES Classic Edition was an instant hit, selling 1.5 million units […]

Ever wanted an at-home-only Wi-Fi router? Globe has just announced that they now have such a device available for purchase. It’s called the Globe Prepaid Home Wi-Fi device, it comes with free 10GB of mobile data, and can be yours for a one-time fee of Php 1,999. What’s the purpose of this device? Well, first […]

Still pining for a smartwatch that’s running Android Wear 2.0? ZTE’s latest should have you covered. Called the ZTE Quartz, this new smartwatch is tagged as “the industry’s best introductory smart watch” for people who don’t want to spend an arm and a leg just to get on the latest software for Android-powered wearables. The […]

Virtual reality is commonplace these days because there are different types of devices that you can use to try it whether on the desktop or on mobile. But AR, or augmented reality, VR’s not-so-distant cousin, hasn’t quite found a place in the mainstream yet. We may still be a ways from that, but there are […]

Are you using an LTE-capable device? How about an LTE SIM? If you answered no to both of those questions, then Globe’s latest press release is aimed directly at you. At this point, LTE mobile data availability is in full swing, and you might be hard-pressed to find a mobile device that’s priced in the […]

There are companies that exist just to make money. Most of them do, actually. And while we can’t fault them for having those kinds of priorities, there are other companies out there who focus on real innovation and promoting life-changing applications of science and technology. Apparently, that’s the kind of company that Japan-based Epson aspires […]

Technology and art may be an odd couple, but when they work well together, it’s hard not to appreciate the finished product. That is why the recent win by Filino designer John Herrera at the London Fashion Week spells good news, for everyone.

About a year after it was first announced and released, the Apple iPhone SE has finally been updated. Now, the 16GB model is no more. The base model of the iPhone SE now comes with 32GB of internal storage. But it stays at the exact same price point as the original. Meanwhile, the 64GB model […]