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If there was ever a term for the opposite of “resting on their laurels,” China smartphone brand OPPO is the complete embodiment of it. Only last month, the company announced and subsequently released a dual-camera OPPO F3 Plus, which turned out to be a hit with consumers, selling over 8,000 units on its first 3 […]

The OPPO F3 Plus may be the hottest selfie expert out right now, but it’s not exactly something that we can say is truly “for everyone.” Its screen may be too big, and its price tag a little too high for some people who just want to be able to take good, share-worthy selfies online […]

Every once in a while, we get the chance to combine two of our favorite things: geeking out about the latest tech, and eating. That’s why we got excited when we heard about OPPO partnering with the Department of Tourism for the 3rd installment of Madrid Fusión Manila at the SMX Convention Center. It’s basically […]

You’ve seen the announcement, you’ve read the hands-on. Now you’ll finally get to see the OPPO F3 Plus live, and in the flesh, rocking its “stylish and street-smart” matte black color. You read that right: if OPPO’s latest selfie expert caught your attention because of its specs and features, but you’re not quite feeling that […]

We’ve been following the OPPO F3 Plus for quite some time now. It’s the latest selfie expert from China-based OPPO, and it features the most advanced camera yet of any F series smartphone that has ever been released. Recently, we reported that OPPO managed to sell over 8,000 units of the F3 Plus. Clearly, there […]

The OPPO F3 Plus went on sale last weekend as the latest selfie expert, carrying a 16MP rear camera and dual camera setup on the front. This interesting camera combo apparently attracted thousands of people over the F3 Plus release date roadshow. According to OPPO Philippines, they managed to sell more than 8,000 units. That’s […]

Now’s your chance to own the latest and greatest “selfie expert” phone from top smartphone brand OPPO. Announced late last month, the OPPO F3 Plus is now finally out in stores, jam-packed with some of the best smartphone camera tech available. At least as far as selfies are concerned, or so we’re told. The OPPO […]

Discounted ex-flagships are always something you should look out for. Don’t believe us? Just check out what’s happening with the OPPO F1 Plus over at Lazada. Recently, Lazada held a 5th birthday anniversary sale where a lot of items were heavily discounted–electronic or otherwise. OPPO, being one of the more prominent tech brands in the […]