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The year of the dual camera smartphone is truly upon us now. If you haven’t noticed, dual camera setups are the latest trend in phones. The problem is that they’ve only really featured in high-end models. Until now, that is. Cherry Mobile has just introduced not one, but two new devices each with dual cameras. […]

Ever wonder what the steps are for the creation of one of Apple‘s iPhones? Don’t quote us on this, but our guess is that it involves picking out what materials to use for what parts, and then ordering those to be assembled later. Well, Apple has reportedly ordered 70 million OLED display panels from Samsung. […]

For the first time ever, Android has overtaken Windows has the OS of choice worldwide. We’ve got to say, we think everyone saw this coming. With the birth and continuous growth of the mobile computing sector, this was an inevitable breakthrough. Android OS usage gained a .02% advantage over Windows, holding 37.93% of the market […]

Yahoo has been a huge part of our lives when growing up. You probably have a Yahoo account like many other people, especially those who count themselves as millenials. A lot of people now might not know the Yahoo that we do, but it played a big role in the establishment of the Internet as […]