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Hello, is this technology?

I know we’ve been off for a minute, but now we want to pick things up where we left off.

Semi-Current is a focused technology news website that caters to fans of new tech from all over the world. It is read mainly by techies in the Philippines who call themselves early adopters and want to live on the absolute bleeding edge of consumer electronics.

You can follow us online through our homepage and through our social media profiles where we cover what’s new in the world of gadgets, mobile, software, and more.

As we find ways to stay relevant in today’s world of unabashed digital media consumption, expect to find news articles, features, and reviews that are aimed to help you make informed decisions about the tech that you buy and use.

In terms of consistency, staying power, or longevity, we dare promise nothing. But then again, neither does the future.

Let’s look forward towards all of it together.

David Gonzales
Founder and Editor at

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