Samsung Galaxy S10 pre-order starts today until March 3rd


Starting today, the newly-launched Galaxy S10 lineup will be available for pre-order through Samsung concept stores and retail outlets as well as online. As you may already know, there are three different model options available, namely the Galaxy S10 Plus, Galaxy S10, and Galaxy S10e. However, during the pre-order period there will be a fourth model available. And it has the best specs of them all.

Today marks the first day of the regular pre-order period for the Samsung Galaxy S10 line-up. You can do it through either one of two options: by going to selected retail outlets and concept stores, and by using one of five different online stores.

Of these two options, simply visiting an online store seems like the better one upfront. That’s because you only need to put in a Php 2,000 downpayment in order to save yourself a unit and get one of several different free offers — bundled with your choice of a Galaxy S10 phone.

Retail store pre-order

If you pre-order through a retail outlet, here are the things that you need to know. First, you can visit any nearest Samsung retail location based on the official list of partners provided by the company itself. Then you only need to prepare either cash or your credit card in order to put in your pre-order. Finally, you can choose one of several different “tokens” that are provided as free items included with your purchase of the actual phone itself.

It should be noted that the freebie items are limited, so it is advised that you make your pre-order early on in order to get the one that you really want. According to Samsung, here’s what you can get as part of the offer:

With the Galaxy S10 Plus+, you can choose a 32-inch Samsung HDTV that’s worth Php 13,499 or a token that’s worth Php 7,000. Here, the case may be that they are clearing out stocks for this old TV model. But a TV is a TV, so we predict that this bundle option will be bought out by buyers fast.

Next, the Galaxy S10 can be bought bundled with Samsung’s new wireless Galaxy Buds and BT Hand Grip worth Php 9,100. It’s either that, or a token worth Php 4,500.

Finally, the Galaxy S10e can be purchased bundled with the aforementioned Galaxy Buds which is worth Php 6,990 on its own. The other optional freebie is a token worth Php 3,500.

Additionally, any customer who puts in a pre-order can enjoy a 10% off discount on selected models of Samsung’s tablets and wearables.

Online store pre-order

As for online store pre-orders for the Galaxy S10 in the Philippines, you can do so through either one of the following:

  • Lazada
  • Shoppee
  • Abenson
  • Argomall
  • MX MemoXpress

The main difference here is that in order to pre-order your chosen model of the Galaxy S10 online, you’d need to pay the full amount for each unit upfront. We have discussed that here. Once done, however, online pre-order customers can enjoy the exact same freebies as retail store customers. They also get a free 30-day Nanofixit screen insurance which is said to be worth up to Php 10,000. We’re guessing that depends on the model unit chosen.

All units pre-ordered online will be delivered to customers from March 8th onwards, while retail store customers can pick-up their units from March 8 to March 24. Samsung also mentions that those who pick-up their retail store pre-orders during the opening launch weekend, that is March 8-10, can enjoy special “launch offers” which aren’t specified.

Galaxy S10+ 1TB Special Offer

But as mentioned earlier, apart from the three known Galaxy S10 models including the one we tested, there is a fourth one. It’s a unit that’s exclusively available during the pre-order period only.

It’s none other than the Galaxy S10+ 1TB version, which comes with 12GB of RAM and yes, 1TB of internal storage. It also has a microSD card slot that supports up to 1.5TB of storage. So with it, you can have a phone that comes with more storage space that even most high-end desktop and laptop PCs. That’s just wild. But we digress.

This special limited edition version will be available for pre-order with just one kind of freebie: a 43-inch Samsung Smart TV worth Php 28,499. Only the best freebie for the best product, we suppose.

The Galaxy S10+ will be released starting March 15 until March 31, 2019. Nothing is mentioned of its availability through online pre-order, but we won’t expect it to ship out as early as the other models, based on the above.

Ready to make your Galaxy S10 pre-order? Check out the source link below.

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