Colorful’s iGame GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Ultra graphics card launched, priced around Php 16k ($319)


There are some things in life that you’ve just got to proclaim. And loudly, because how else is anyone going to believe you? If you’re the type of person who gets their kicks from sitting in front of your computer and doing nothing else but playing PC games, we may have found just the thing that you didn’t know you’d ever need.

Colorful Technology, a China-based maker of graphics cards, motherboards, and high-performance storage solutions, has evidently created one of the world’s newest top bin graphics cards. It’s called the iGame GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Ultra, and if this doesn’t signify to the rest of the world how you’re part of the glorious PC master race, and that you play games, we don’t know what will.

It appears to be a typical GTX 1660 Ti at first glance, sporting the right number of display out ports and a huge cooler to keep it in tip top shape as you use it to run games. Interestingly, for a product made by Colorful, it has a black PCB and cooler combo with only tiny bits of red accent. Maybe they’re saving all the actual color for an RGB version?

Regardless, it should perform on the level as NVIDIA’s own reference cards, if not a little more thanks to the cooling mechanism — Colorful says it applied its very own Silver Plating Technology for best results. The card also uses a powerful 6+2 phase power delivery design that gives it enough power for sustained performance during games.

We’re unable to confirm which local distributor, if any, will carry this product. Surely, it can’t be much worse than what may already be out there from other brands, so it could be worth a look. Its official retail price is $319 USD or about Php 16,600. Scout for it along Gilmore some time next month and see if you can spot it.

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