‘Move up’ this 2019 in style with different-colored Samsung Galaxy J4+ and Galaxy J6+ smartphones

Stylish Samsung Galaxy J6+ user
Stylish Samsung Galaxy J6+ user (Credit: @chaocampo)

Your phone says a lot about you. And certainly, the same goes for the color that you choose your phone in. These days, there are many phone models that can only be bought in muted or simple colors. So it’s always refreshing to see a company like Samsung offer a little something that will allow users to express themselves even just a little bit through the phones that they carry.

Case in point, the Samsung Galaxy J6+ and Galaxy J4+ smartphones. They’re small, feature-packed but budget-friendly, and best of all, available in a set of colors that should be good for most anyone. Samsung itself has even tried to pick and choose the right type of phone color based on a prospective user’s personality or identity. And that’s what we’re here to tell you today.

Another stylish Galaxy J6+ user

Another stylish Galaxy J6+ user (Credit: @patriciaprieto)

According to Samsung’s official press release on the matter, there are four main types of personalities that could benefit from these stylish new smartphones. These are the artist, the trend-setter, the go-getter, and the minimalist. For the first one, there’s a red model that goes well with bold personalities. For the second, the gold model “exudes sophistication.” Meanwhile, the third and fourth color options — gray and black — are meant more for the rather serious types. Whichever type you may be, it seems, there is a proper Galaxy smartphone that can be paired with you.

Beyond their colors, of course, there are other benefits on both the Galaxy J6+ and Galaxy J4+. The former proudly offers a 13MP+5MP dual lens camera with Live Focus combo that should make quick work of share-worthy FB and IG snaps. While the latter comes with a 13MP rear camera with f/1.9 aperture for clearer and more detailed photos. Both models also come with built-in Face Recognition features that allow “secure and hassle-free access” for your convenience.

No matter which model you end up getting, you’re going to have to select it based on some or all of the above factors, possibly more. So it’s better to know them now and make your informed decision later. For reference, the Galaxy J6+ now costs only Php 9,990 while the Galaxy J4+ costs less at Php 6,990. You can check them out at the nearest Samsung concept stores or retail outlets for a closer look.

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