VR sneakers? Google patent shows motorized shoes for omnidirectional movement


Virtual reality is one of the great big challenges in the field of gaming for decades. Only in past few years have we been able to develop headsets that can project high definition content onto our eyes. In terms of hand controls, there have been good solutions so long as they do not need the complete dexterity of a real hand. Motion trackers solve most problems  regarding movement, except for one thing: space.

One cannot move indefinitely into a field in the VR world if they are in the confines of a small room in the real world. That’s how furniture and toes get broken. Currently, there are VR treadmills available which use slippery surfaces and VR jogging pants to keep you moving, but in one place. But Google seems to working on a much more clever solution.

In a nutshell, Google’s answer is to put some sort of roller skates which can go in any directions. But they’re not there to help you go anywhere in the real world. Those wheels will counteract your locomotion to keep you in place in the real world while allowing you to “walk” indefinitely in the VR world.

These may be far off from being real products, maybe 3 or 5 years from materializing, but it’s exciting for those of us who want to have a seamless first-person VR gaming experience in the confines of our rooms. In that time, Google has a lot of fine tuning to do with the hardware and software, especially since these are basically shoes which will be trying to keep you balance and in place while you move around unpredictably.

Do you think Google is taking the right path? Or are VR treadmills a more viable solution? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Source ArstTechnica

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