Fancy some golden DDR4 RAM? G.SKILL launches Trident Z Royal Series


Very few people dislike RGB-lit hardware. After all, you can set it to pretty much any color you want to match your build’s theme, or go full-on rainbow to spice things up. But if that’s not enough for you, G.Skill has come up with something more for the living-in-luxury type of PC enthusiast.

Meet the Trident Z Royal series, and as the name suggests, it’s as as fancy the top-shelf Chinese porcelain our mothers kept for special occasions. These bling-sticks that will fill your memory slots come with a polished gold or silver finish and full-length patent-pending crystalline light bars with 8 RGB lighting zones.

The new crystalline light bar is quite new and special so special software will be required, which G.Skill will provide once the Trident Z Royal is released. The important specs are here too: 16GB to 128GB kits will be available, and since this is DDR4, these sticks can clock up to 4600 MHz.

Prices are yet to be announced, but expect the Royal series to be leaps and bounds more expensive than your run-of-the-mill DDR4 memory kits. But if you’ve got more money than sense and a taste for the flashier things in life, then this will perfectly your lifestyle.

Source Guru3D


Jude De Leon
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