The Windows 1809 update is back, issues still linger


Microsoft‘s Windows 10 October update, which brought notable new features to the popular OS such as the dark mode for File Explorer and various cloud-based functionality, is back after being pulled due to glaring issues.

As many of you may recall, many users have reported losing their files shortly after applying the update. In one case, a user lost 220 GB worth of files. The issue was severe enough for Microsoft to pull the update.

The update has since returned, and just in time for Battlefield V’s ray tracing implementation which requires the latest Windows 1809 build, but with some lingering issues.

Buried within the release notes are the following details:Bad news if you use Windows 10 on your work PCs which utilize network drives. Microsoft does offer some work-arounds, but these fixes seem to be undone whenever you reset your machine. More permanent fixes will come “in the 2019 timeframe” according to Microsoft themselves. Hopefully, that will be the last bug to be squashed for this build.

Additionally, AMD Radeon HD2000 and HD4000 graphics card users should be careful to avoid this update at all costs because the system will error out “INVALID_POINTER_READ_c0000005_atidxx64.dll” and freeze. No fixes for this one based on the release notes.

We’d recommend skipping this update until Microsoft irons out all the bugs or at least until third-party experts have examined this latest build themselves.

Source The Register

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