Using dark mode can help save battery life -Google


It’s no secret to the tech literate that OLED panels consume little to no power when displaying dark colors such as shades of grey to absolute black, as opposed to LCD panels which have a separate backlight and therefore provides the same amount of backlight regardless of what color it’s displaying.

Ironically, it would appear that Google, one of the world’s leading tech companies, is only realizing that now, 4 years after they’ve introduced Material Design which prominently uses white for UI design.

During its Android Dev Summit, Google showed data comparing a 2016 Pixel’s power consumption between YouTube dark mode and light mode at 50% and 100% brightness. While on pause, there could be a difference of between 14% to 60% in power consumption depending on the brightness level.

With their own findings, Google could be working on bringing night mode to more of its apps. Currently, the dark theme is only present on its YouTube and Android Messages app. If you’re on stock Android, the quick settings pull-down and app drawer can be set to it as well.

One trick Google could do is to tie both light and dark themes to the phone’s ambient light sensor and/or system time much like how Google Maps already does it. Hopefully dark mode comes to all apps soon so that light sensitive users can have a more comfortable viewing experience.

Source The Verge

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