Zen 2 reveal imminent, expected to appear at AMD’s “Next Horizon” event


AMD could have the last laugh this year as their Zen 2 architecture is believed to be making an appearance at their discreetly announced “Next Horizon” event on Tuesday.

Anticipation for AMD‘s response to Intel’s mainstream 9th generation Core series of processors is very high given that the company is expected to leap ahead with the groundbreaking Zen 2 architecture built on the 7nm process, a process significantly smaller than Intel‘s continuously refreshed 14nm process.

Given that the “Next Horizon” event announcement was done with little to no details on their Investor Relations website, the event may be more focused on 7nm EPYC server CPUs rather than mainstream products. But as Anandtech notes, such investor-related announcements do not come lightly unless it’s something major so something like a Zen 2 announcement could be in the cards.

During the previous week’s earnings conference call, AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su stated the following:

“AMD’s next horizon event is scheduled for Tuesday, November 6, 2018, where we will discuss innovation of AMD products and technology, specifically designed with the datacenter on industry leading 7-nanometer process technology.”

AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su

While an announcement is highly likely this year, a mainstream 7nm Zen 2-based CPU will be likely to launch in 2019. In any case, the new architecture and smaller node should give AMD better IPC performance and power efficiency and might just give them the final push get ahead of Intel on all fronts.

Source TechSpot


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