SSDs could a lot get cheaper in 2019


It could be significantly easier to build a snappy PC on a budget as “industry sources” cited by a DigiTimes report claim that NAND flash, those small chips neatly arranged on your SSD‘s PCB, could get cheaper in the following year.

As SSD manufacturers continue to expand their operations and develop and adopt new NAND technologies, prices could fall as low as $0.08 per GB.

After some rough calculations, this would translate to a theoretical 240-256GB SSD model to be priced at around Php 1,100. While that’s nearly a third of the current retail prices, that could still be affected by other factors such as taxes and logistics.

One notable development is that manufacturers are expected to begin mass production of 96-layer 3D NAND SSD early next year. The new technology would mean denser SSDs, therefore one would need fewer NAND chips for a given capacity, hence cheaper prices.

A lot of manufacturers are expanding production capacities for the new 3D NAND chips, with each of them being able to produce between 50,000 to 150,000 chips per month, so a steady flow of these chips would mean a steady drop in prices.

Sources DigiTimes via Tom’s Hardware

Jude De Leon
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