Slightly faster GTX 1060 on the way, uses GDDR5X memory


Nvidia has slyly introduced a new GTX 1060 SKU. On its product page, we can see that for the 6 GB model, has been spec’ed with either GDDR5 or GDDR5X and priced at $299 (approx. Php 16,000).

To put this into perspective, that’s the kind of memory the GTX 1080 uses. Putting that into numbers, with the current GTX 1060’s GDDR5 memory, it’s capable of 8 Gbps. With GDDR5X, that can go up to 10 Gbps. So theoretically, with the GTX 1060’s 192-bit bus, it can do 240 GB/s.

This is very strange though as everyone has been expecting a Turing-based replacement to the GTX 1060 ever since the RTX series has been introduced. And in the face of AMD’s impending 12nm GPU release later early next year, it would seem that Nvidia has deemed this slight bump in memory speed to be an adequate response.

This new refreshed SKU might mean that we won’t be seeing an RTX/GTX 2060 until next year. Furthermore, this will really make buying a GTX 1060 really confusing because there will be three SKUs out in the wild

 GTX 1060 (6GB GDDR5X)GTX 1060 (6GB GDDR5)GTX 1060 (3GB GDDR5)
CUDA Cores128012801152
Base Clock150615061506
Boost Clock170817081708
Memory Speed9-10 Gbps (?)8 Gbps8 Gbps
Memory Interface192-bit192-bit192-bit

So if you’re planning to snag a GTX 1060 in the near future, do be careful what exactly it is that you’re buying and ask your retailer what memory it’s using.

Source Nvidia via Guru3D


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