Local prices for Intel’s upcoming Z390 motherboards leak


More information regarding Intel‘s upcoming 9th generation CPUs and its accompanying Z390-based motherboards have surfaced. This time, the eagle-eyed people over at have spotted prices for Z390 motherboards on two popular local dealers’ websites after initial reports on

Both DynaQuestPC and PCHub have listed MSI Z390 motherboards on their respective price lists. Prices for these motherboards range from about Php 9,000 for the MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Plus, all the way to the top tier MSI MEG Z390 Godlike, which comes with a whopping Php 30,000 price tag. The two lists have the exact same six MSI motherboards with only a 50 peso difference between them.

After some more website sleuthing, they’ve also found that provincial retailer,, has listed Gigabyte Z390 motherboards. Meanwhile, TechJunction‘s online listing have both MSI and Gigabyte Z390 motherboards.

All of the listings above have a few hundred peso difference between them, making them incredibly consistent. This consistency gives them credence and would signify that they’re not just some astronomically coincidental clerical error among four local retailers.

With Intel’s Coffee Lake refresh all but confirmed at this point, everyone’s excited to see an eight-core clash between AMD’s Ryzen 7 and Intel’s rumored Core i9 for the mainstream platform. But it will also be exciting what the new Z390 motherboards have to offer over its Z370 predecessor in terms of features and overclocking.


Jude De Leon
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