Reviews of the RTX 2080 may not come until the 19th, a day before the card’s launch


People who have pre-ordered or are planning to buy Nvidia‘s upcoming RTX 2080 may have to wait a little longer for reviewers to start publishing their reviews.

Rumors are circulating that due to logistical issues, some samples of the RTX 2080 and the appropriate drivers have not reached reviewers. The NDA that the reviewers have signed has been since then extended from September 17 to September 19.

This puts the publishing date of reviews for the RTX 2080 on the same day as the reviews of the RTX 2080 Ti are published, and only a day away from the launch of the new cards, September 20.

While this probably isn’t as big of a deal as it seems since it still leaves a full day for people to make up their minds about their pre-orders or purchasing plans, this does put some additional stress on reviewers to beat the unmoved launch date of the cards.

Given the fact that these new RTX cards have a lot of additional technologies such as real-time ray tracing and DLSS, these are a lot of aspects for reviewers to test and figure out in a short amount of time. Not to mention that it seems the performance of these cards with and without ray tracing/DLSS seem shaky at best, reviewers will have a lot on their hands.

Ultimately, this seems less of a consumer problem and more of a Nvidia-reviewer community problem. We’ll give Nvidia the benefit of the doubt here that this is indeed just an unfortunate logistical issue.

Source DigitalTrends

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