Fractal Design adds USB Type-C, new accessories to Define R6


Fractal Design give its Define R6 a minor update and a few accessories. It’s a quick nip and tuck from the Swedish casemaker, but it’s a minor update which may just make all the difference.

The addition of a single USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C on the front I/O is a welcome sight as we see more and more USB devices make the switch to the reversible standard. Less doing the traditional plugging in the USB dance of chance, and more actually putting it in.

Of course, pretty much everything else about the Define R6 remains the same. It still comes with nine fan mounts, an included PWM fan hub, radiator support for up to 420mm, and a modular top panel system, ModuVent, which you can either have as a filtered vent, or as a sound-dampened solid panel.

Fractal Design also released a few separate accessories for existing Define R6 users: a tempered glass side panel and extra drive bracket kits for SSDs and hard drives.

The tempered glass side panel features seamless, bolt-free design with a push-to-lock latching mechanism for easy access. You can either fit it to the left side of the case to show off your PC’s internal components, or you can also put it on the right side. If you’ve ever felt proud of your cable management and wanted people to know about it, then there you are.

You can have it in three colors: White, Gunmetal, and Black

For those who need more drive trays, Fractal Design’s got that covered with its 2.5-inch SSD and 3.5-inch HDD drive tray kits.

Each kit comes with two drive trays and come with all the needed screws, including a preinstalled captive screw, and vibration dampening rubber grommets (HDD tray kit).

Both the SSD and HDD tray kits come in either black or white colors.

Source Fractal Design

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