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Predator Philippines today announced that it has partnered with ONE Championship in order further promote excellence in the highly competitive sport of–you guessed it–PC gaming. Yes, they did indeed refer to PC gaming as an actual sport not unlike MMA, so for people like ourselves who have spent countless hours honing our skills in front of the old keyboard and mouse, this feels like a major accomplishment.

Predator invited current One Heavyweight world champion and all-around good guy Brandon “The Truth” Vera, along with MMA legend Rich Franklin, to show some cool moves at the Highgrounds Cafe where the official announcement event was held. During the event, Predator also showcased the beastly Predator 21X gaming laptop, which apparently comes with a truly bank-breaking Php 549,999 price tag.

Yes, it’s a big, powerful gaming laptop that costs more than a small car. We didn’t think we could say anything more ridiculous than what the headline first sounded like, but here we are. In any case, there’s a fighting event titled, “ONE: KINGS OF DESTINY” that’s destined to happen on April 21st, and Predator will be presenting. Tune in and you’re bound to find at least one thing that’ll get your heart rate going.