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The Nintendo Switch may be all the rage these days, but back in 2016, Nintendo announced and then released what it called the NES Classic Edition, a home gaming console that was meant for retro games that defined a generation of console gamers.

The NES Classic Edition was an instant hit, selling 1.5 million units as of Nintendo’s last report, probably due to its mass appeal and not-so-expensive price tag. It has been such a big hit, in fact, that Nintendo has had a lot of trouble keeping up with the demand for it.

And so Nintendo has finally decided to discontinue it as a product, right as the final batch of shipments arrives in retail stores across the U.S., IGN reports. The information reportedly came from Nintendo of America, although there is no word on whether the console will also be discontinued in other regions worldwide, especially here in Asia.

We’ve seen the NES Classic Edition in malls and various other retail places, so at least you could still buy it if you wanted to. It might be a good idea to head to the nearest gaming stores this weekend so that you can find out for sure.