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Ever wanted an at-home-only Wi-Fi router? Globe has just announced that they now have such a device available for purchase. It’s called the Globe Prepaid Home Wi-Fi device, it comes with free 10GB of mobile data, and can be yours for a one-time fee of Php 1,999. What’s the purpose of this device? Well, first off, it can be used to go online with the use of a bundled Globe prepaid SIM card. This SIM card can be reloaded through any Globe reloading station, and Globe recommends its Globe GoSURF promos to keep things simple. It’s easy to use as it just plugs into a wall outlet and runs until you run out of mobile data, which is a shame but not the topic of the news article. In any case, this could be a quick and easy way for those who are having trouble applying for a similar postpaid solution, or those who would rather have a full-fledged desktop device instead of having to rely on a battery-powered Pocket Wi-Fi which will need to be recharged anyway after just a few hours. It should be available in Globe stores but you can also buy it online. Globe offers cash on delivery.


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