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Epson proves once again that the printing business is nothing if not interesting. Apparently, when they’re not raising football awareness which in turn leads to them winning marketing awards, the name of the game for them is high-end fashion. Digital textile printing is the next big thing in the fashion world for apparel, accessories, and […]

Looks like the OPPO F1s isn’t the only enticing item on the OPPO menu these days. If you’re looking for a selfie-centric handset, there’s a much more affordable model available. Originally priced Php 8,990, the OPPO A37 is now only Php 6,990 after a recent price cut that started just before the end of January. […]

What if you could take your phone, send it back to the store where you bought it, and then expect it back with more memory and bigger storage? Well, you can’t exactly do that, but that’s sort of what OPPO did with their OPPO F1s, because now it’s better than when it was first announced […]

The Internet Cafe is not dead. In fact, Taiwan-based PC maker Acer just opened a new one that’s centered on PC gaming last night, and it’s billed as the “biggest true gaming place” in the country. Launched in partnership with TheNet.com, Acer’s High Ground Cafe is the first and only fully-branded gaming cafe in the […]

A new VR-ready smartphone is coming to the Philippines, and it's called the Arsenal VR One.

Quite an alarming bit of news: there are a lot of unsecured, unencrypted Wi-Fi networks across the world that are just waiting to get hacked. Perhaps even begging for it. This is according to research conducted recently by Kaspersky Labs.

It’s easy to throw around buzzwords and claim that you’re “changing the game” with your minor commercial achievements, but when it comes to actual, real life innovation, one company that has been consistently performing well is printer company Epson. Only recently, we got word that they would be launching a line of new ink tank […]

Well, this was a surprise. Starmobile is apparently a notebook manufacturer now, and their first model is called the Starmobile Engage Aura. On the second day of the ongoing Lazada Grand Christmas Sale, it features as a headline SKU that’s available at 32% off. So, here are the facts.

Pebble is now officially dead. After weeks of rumors and speculation of a possible Fitbit buyout, a post on the official Pebble Developer Blog today confirmed that an acquisition has been in the works. And as its first major consequence, Pebble, the company, will need to shut its doors and completely get out of the […]

There’s a new version of Bluetooth, and it adds much-needed enhancements that are meant to improve the user experience on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and all compatible wireless accessories. The new version, according to the official press release, is called simply Bluetooth 5. Apparently, the X.something naming scheme for Bluetooth version numbers is no longer in […]

For something that has been called the fastest smartphone in the world, it sure took its time in actually getting here. And it’s not even in its best form, either. If you’ve been waiting since June for any new info on the actual release date of the Asus ZenFone 3 Deluxe, well, your wait is […]

When was the last time you needed to buy a printer? If you have a home office or small business, then you probably will soon, if you haven’t already. The thing about printers these days is that they’re filled with so many other features aside from just taking your digital files and laying them out […]

If the only thing that’s keeping you from getting a smartwatch is the unconventional styling, you’ve just officially run out of excuses. Fossil has finally launched a whole line of proper-looking watches, all of which carry enough smarts to be deemed worth of being called smartwatches. That is, they’re powered by Android Wear, and can […]

If you thought Android OS fragmentation was bad, wait ’til you find out what’s happening with Android Wear. The long and short of it is, a lot of older smartwatch models will not receive any software updates to newer versions of their pre-loaded OS. This is a bit problematic for those who wish to still […]

It looks like 2017 will be an interesting time for the desktop PC category. AMD is widely expected to finally launch competing products to Intel’s high-end Core i-series chips, with their biggest advantage being aggressive pricing for close to the same performance. That’s what all the rumors have been saying, anyway. And yes, of course, […]

Netflix is about to eat iFlix’s lunch. Earlier this week, the biggest movie streaming service in the world announced through a post on its official blog that it will finally allow offline downloads for all of its subscribers. And yes, that includes the Philippines. Apparently, Netflix and chilling at home just doesn’t cut it sometimes, […]