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Black Mirror Season 4 now on Netflix

The long New Year weekend is coming. What will you be doing? If your answer isn’t going to a New Year’s Eve party, lighting up firecrackers, or visiting and celebrating with friends and family, then we’ve got a two-word suggestion: Netflix and chill. And we’re not just trying to be hip here; we’re a hundred percent serious. Especially since Netflix just announced that the latest season of the mind-twisting sci-fi show Black Mirror is now available here in the Philippines, among other things.

Black Mirror is the brainchild of British writer and broadcaster Charlie Brooker, whose wit is probably sharper than the drop in the price of Bitcoin just a few days ago. But we digress. His show has gained a cult following online thanks to its highly disturbing episodes, which tend to focus on the negative aspects of technology — like mass surveillance, AI, and virtual reality — taken to the extreme.

Watch Black Mirror Season 4 Trailer

Now in its fourth season, Black Mirror only has a total of six episodes. The first one looks like it has a Star Trek-inspired theme — based on the thumbnail on Netflix — and is an hour and six minutes long. All the other episodes are less than an hour in length, with the exception of the last episode titled, “Black Museum,” which is an hour and nine minutes long. We don’t know about you, but we’re totally about to binge watch this series… right after we’re done watching Bright. Also on Netflix.

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