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OPPO F5 official launch date confirmed: October 26 (Today!)

If there’s anything we’ve learned from OPPO over the pasts few years, it’s that they can execute the heck out of their device launches. We saw this first-hand at the unveiling of the OPPO F3 Plus and OPPO F3, and now, not more than six months later, the company has plans to unveil yet another new flagship handset.

You’ve probably seen it already in ads all over YouTube or Facebook, but OPPO will soon reveal a new phone meant for selfie addicts, with a new perk: a bezel-less display. How soon, you ask? The latest information from OPPO itself tells us that the new phone will actually be launched today. It’s called the OPPO F5, and it will be launched with the Philippines as one of its first markets.

The OPPO F5 is expected to continue the tradition of the F series in focusing on camera-centric features, and there are rumors that it will carry a 20MP rear-facing camera plus a dual-13MP camera upfront. Other rumored features include a 6-inch screen, 6GB RAM, 64GB storage, and 40000mAh battery. There isn’t any much more that we can tell you now apart from this, but check back here for an update when the model is finally announced and released.

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