It’s easy to throw around buzzwords and claim that you’re “changing the game” with your minor commercial achievements, but when it comes to actual, real life innovation, one company that has been consistently performing well is printer company Epson. Only recently, we got word that they would be launching a line of new ink tank printers with a number of money-saving features. And now, the company is reporting that it has won two major trophies at the recently concluded Marketing Excellence Awards for the year 2016. It won the Excellence in B2B Marketing award for its “ENGAGE2WIN” program that gave points to dealers from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines based on their sales performance. The second award is for Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility, which it got for launching a campaign for raising awareness of the local football scene in Singapore and to support local football talent. We could really use that type of program here in the Philippines, not only for kids but also for adults. Support our football teams, Epson. Are you listening?