Pebble is now officially dead. After weeks of rumors and speculation of a possible Fitbit buyout, a post on the official Pebble Developer Blog today confirmed that an acquisition has been in the works. And as its first major consequence, Pebble, the company, will need to shut its doors and completely get out of the smartwatch market, which it helped greatly in kickstarting.

As of today, Pebble will need to cease operations. It will no longer sell any Pebble smartwatches, and people who still haven’t received the stuff that they ordered from weeks and months past, will no longer get any items delivered. Instead, Pebble will issue a refund to anyone who ordered and participated in its most recent crown-funding event in Kickstarter. And as for the many software developers that are currently in Pebble’s employ, they will be transferred to Fitbit to continue working there.

For now, Fitbit will handle software services for existing Pebble customers, as Pebble devs work with them “to enhance future Fitbit products.” As you can tell, this is extremely sad as Pebble has played a big role in shaping the industry of wearables and smartwatches as it is today. But on the bright side, there are other companies such as Fossil who are now making major inroads to serve the smartwatch market. It will be interesting to see how thing go from here.


Pebble and Fitbit