There’s a new version of Bluetooth, and it adds much-needed enhancements that are meant to improve the user experience on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and all compatible wireless accessories. The new version, according to the official press release, is called simply Bluetooth 5. Apparently, the X.something naming scheme for Bluetooth version numbers is no longer in effect. So what exactly does Bluetooth 5 have to offer over older versions? It’s two times faster than Bluetooth 4.0, covers up to four times wider range, and supports eight times the capacity “to send messages.” At the moment, there aren’t any devices that support Bluetooth 5 yet, but you can expect it to appear in many accessories and peripherals, especially those which are intended to be used for IoT or the Internet of things. The Bluetooth SIG, or Special Interest Group, is currently working with many different OEMs and various companies for its official release. For now, you can look forward to much better Bluetooth performance from your devices as soon as it hits the market.


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