If you thought Android OS fragmentation was bad, wait ’til you find out what’s happening with Android Wear. The long and short of it is, a lot of older smartwatch models will not receive any software updates to newer versions of their pre-loaded OS. This is a bit problematic for those who wish to still keep using their watches for the next few years.

Enter AsteroidOS, an open-source alternative made specifically to solve the earlier-mentioned problem. How does it work? There are currently a handful of supported models where it can be installed, provided that the bootloader of the smartwatch can be unlocked and the user knows a little bit about following directions. Which is, to say, running it is about as painless as it can possibly be.

Right now, the supported models include the original LG G Watch, the LG G Watch Urbane, the Sony Smartwatch 3, and Asus ZenWatch 2. The software isn’t quite ready for mass market adoption yet, but can be used to tinker with by developers and enthusiasts alike. Hit the source link for more.