AMD Zen CPU teaser
It looks like 2017 will be an interesting time for the desktop PC category. AMD is widely expected to finally launch competing products to Intel’s high-end Core i-series chips, with their biggest advantage being aggressive pricing for close to the same performance. That’s what all the rumors have been saying, anyway. And yes, of course, AMD is still very much alive. Only recently, the company opened a landing page on its official web site, heralding the arrival of its “Zen” CPU during an event currently titled New Horizon. You’ll find all of the details on the actual landing page, of which there isn’t really much at all. But from what’s been reported elsewhere, the “Zen” CPU series will feature a high-end octa-core model priced at only $500, as well as a second, slower octa-core model priced at $350. It’s difficult to say what kind of performance these and the rest of the “Zen” series will offer, but they are worth looking forward to if you’re interested in building your own PC some time next year.


AMD via PCWorld