Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2.0
This is the end. If you’re in the business of selling Android phones in the Philippines and your name is not Cherry Mobile, it may be time for you to consider switching to something else. Like selling shoes. Or maybe even making pastries. I honestly believe that if you’re a player in the local Android scene, then you should start weighing your options. Because the takeover is about to begin.

I got the Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2.0 roughly two weeks ago. I had some problems. None too drastic. So far, they’ve all been taken care of. This is the first Cherry Mobile phone that I have ever used, but now I know that I’m going to keep it for the rest of 2013.

Key features

  • 1.2GHz quad-core MediaTek MT6589 SoC
  • 5-inch HD (1280×720 pixels) IPS LCD screen with 5-point multi-touch
  • Scratch-resistant Asahi DragonTrail glass
  • 12-megapixel rear BSI camera (1080p HD video recording) + 2MP front BSI cam
  • Dual SIM card support
  • Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, and HSDPA (3.5G)
  • Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean (near stock)
  • 2,100 mAh battery

What’s missing?

  • 8GB/16GB/32GB models
  • NFC and 4G LTE

In my reviews, I often beat around the bush. But not in this one. Go right ahead to find out what I really think about the Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2.0.


Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2.0 camera
Everything about this phone is huge. The first thing you’ll notice is its massive 5-inch screen. The use of an IPS panel along with a high-resolution HD screen makes for excellent viewing angles, which is enjoyable on a display this big. It takes some getting used to, but fortunately the phone’s body is slim enough — it’s only 8mm thick — to make it easier to hold in the hand.

Then at the back, there’s the 12-megapixel BSI camera. You can’t miss it. It literally sticks out of the back cover, kind of like a cannon. And it sort of performs like one, too.

The camera has robust features and the software allows it to fire fast — up to 99 continuous shots for as long as you keep your finger on the shutter key. And the number of extra features, like HDR photo and video, built-in scene modes, panorama, multi-angle capture, zero shutter delay, and face detection, are all guaranteed to blow your mind.

But back to the hardware. As mentioned near the beginning of this review, this phone comes with a layer of Asahi DragonTrail glass. It’s a special coating that will keep the touchscreen safe from harm, even if you don’t use a screen protector. There is absolutely no need to use an aftermarket screen protector, and in fact every unit comes with a free — albeit very thin — screen protector right out of the box. So unless you try to drive a drill through the screen or something, the touchscreen will never have any scratches anywhere.

The extra glass layer makes the phone heavy, though. But is that a bad thing? Not at all. The weight is reassuring, it makes the phone feel sturdy. Add to that the fact that the back cover is made out of matte plastic that doesn’t slip, and you’ve got yourself a handheld device that will actually stay in your hands (not counting certifiable butterfingers, of course).

Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2.0 volume
The one thing that I don’t understand about this phone hardware-wise is the placement of the camera shutter key (which activates the camera app in a few seconds via a long press) on the left side of the phone. The shutter key is normally placed on the right side, but here it’s on the left. It’s not a bad thing, just weird. At least it even has a shutter key to begin with (whereas other phones like the Acer Liquid E1 do not).

Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2.0 speakers
Also worth mentioning about this phone is the toned down speaker output, which isn’t Cherry Mobile’s fault. The speakers are understandably crappy, but they’ve also been made to sound very weak. Not inaudible, the sound is just softer than you might expect. But the speakers are of course still usable.

It’s something that the Android Jelly Bean software does — the software was changed to reduce the maximum volume of the phone. And even then, if you turn the volume all the way up to the maximum, it will show you a warning. It will ask you to confirm something along the lines of, “Are you absolutely sure that you want to destroy your eardrums right now?”

It’s just a safety measure. And it’s something that you can fix by modifying the software (if you know how). My takeaway from this is that the phone’s speakers are so loud that they had to actually reduce the volume via the software before shipping it out. So you can either take the that artificial volume limit away or use external speakers. Either way, you’ll be able to enjoy the sweet digital audio.

Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2.0 buttons
Speaking of audio, there’s a 3.5mm headphone jack near the top of the phone, which accepts any standard pair of headphones. It’s located right next to the microUSB port, which can be used for charging, data, and Android development.

Android is really what makes the Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2.0 special. It runs Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean right out of the box. And that puts it on the same level as many of today’s “branded” flagship smartphones.


What exactly is Cherry Mobile thinking? Selling a phone that runs Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean by default. Never mind Android 4.0, some models from the biggest names in Android haven’t even made it past Android 2.3 yet.

The Omega HD 2.0 is fit, software-wise, to take on the likes of the HTC One, Sony Xperia Z, and LG Nexus 4. Think of it like the Nexus phone that the Philippines has always wanted, but could never have because Google refuses to sell Play Store devices outside of a few Western countries. The Play Store in India sells Nexus devices. Why not the Philippines?

Anyway, that won’t be a problem now thanks to the existence of the Omega HD 2.0. Apart from two warranty-related apps, some custom ringtones, and a custom boot screen, Cherry Mobile did not change anything in the stock Android software at all. There is no custom skin or UI, no unnecessary third-party apps, not even any pre-loaded photos or videos. It’s basically a clean slate. And while that can be a bad thing sometimes (no pre-installed office apps, no games, no great wallpapers), the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

Apps like the Google Play music player as well as the native Google Maps app really showcase the power of the phone by tapping into all the necessary hardware components. Everything works fast and without a hitch, no doubt thanks to the 1.2GHz quad-core processor. It’s not the best, to be sure, but it delivers just the right amount of power to make most users happy.


Based on benchmark results gathered using today’s most popular Android benchmarking applications, the Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2.0 appears to have what it takes to go head to head with some high-end devices from big-name manufacturers.

In AnTuTu Benchmark v3.3.1, the Omega HD 2.0 scored higher than the Samsung Galaxy Note and just a hair lower than the Google Nexus 7. Its quad-core processor is really quite a performer, helping it achieve 75% of the power in a phone like the Galaxy S3. But numbers don’t prove anything unless you’ve got the real world performance to back it up.


The result of the combination of hardware and software in this phone is just exceptional. You actually have to deal with depth of field when taking photos, and auto-focus truly works. Auto-focus works whether you’re taking a picture or recording a video (or while you’re in the middle of recording a video).

The flash is powerful, but its utility is limited by its design. Still, it’s possible to get some great shots with it, especially if you’re a great photographer. Have a look at some sample photos I took without even trying.

Games & Web browsing

Asphalt 7, Real Racing 3, Dead Trigger, The Dark Knight Rises, and Modern Combat 4. These are just a some of the titles that can be played easily on the Omega HD 2.0. Rest assured that casual games like Angry Birds, Temple Run, Jetpack Joyride, and Candy Crush won’t present any problems at all. With the exception of Full HD games and a few very graphics-heavy titles, I believe you’ll be able to play anything on this phone.

Here’s a quick bout of Real Racing that I filmed yesterday morning.

And when it comes to Web browsing, you’re free to choose any Web browser you like. Opera Mini comes pre-installed and I have to say, it works quite all right. But there are a number of great alternatives too (my personal favorite is Firefox, because it’s faster than the rest of them).

It can still be a bit hard to browse the Web because you have to zoom in to actually read text sometimes, but the overall experience is excellent. This is due to the responsive multi-touch display, the IPS panel with great viewing angles, and the powerful processor and graphics chip combo.

Battery Life

Battery life is often the weak point of power-hungry devices, especially those with fantastic screens on them. Fortunately, that is not a problem with the Omega HD 2.0.

The 2,100mAh battery lasts for a good 2 days on average, and what’s more, you can easily charge it through USB. So if you spend most of your time around computers, you’ll likely never run out of batteries.

Usage Problems

I’ve been praising the Omega HD 2.0 all throughout this review, but as I mentioned in the beginning, I did experience problems. Mainly, I got a stuck pixel on the lower left part of the screen on the third day of using it.

You can see it pictured here, as a lone pixel that remained green even though everything around it had already turned black. Luckily, Cherry Mobile didn’t hesitate to replace my unit (it was still within the replacement warranty period) and I have not experienced the same problem since.

The phone has also crashed a few times since I first started using it. I’ve experienced lag, stuck widgets, and empty icons, among other things. But these were easily remedied by a simple reboot or hard shutdown (long press of the power button), which works with pretty much any other electronic device out there.

I’ve also had to spend a little bit of time managing the very limited amount of internal storage space. All units do not come with free microSD cards, so at first, you’re stuck with less than 2GB of user-available memory after you buy the phone. Basically, it’s necessary to use an external memory card to really use this phone properly. But things become pretty easy once you get the hang of it.


Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2.0 apps
When I started this review by saying that it was the end, I wasn’t being ironic. I really do mean what I said about local phone makers that are not named Cherry Mobile.

This is the phone that the people deserve. The missing Nexus handset. The only local Android offering in its category worth caring about. Forget about Snapdragon or Exmor or Beats. This phone costs less than 9,000 Pesos (about $200).

Cherry Mobile itself needs to stop whatever else it’s doing so it can focus on this phone. They can market it hard enough to make it the Android phone of the year. We’ve already seen what the competition has to offer, and there’s literally nothing new in the pipeline anymore.

The Omega HD 2.0 just single-handedly took over the entire entry-level and mid-range Android category. And it isn’t even July yet.

They couldn’t have picked a better name than Omega. If Cherry Mobile does things right — and the competition keeps doing things wrong — this phone really could be the end. And it could mark the beginning of an entirely new breed of Android smartphones here in the country.

We will see.

Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2.0 - Editor's Choice

  • edylcc

    nice 1

  • pogi

    san nyo po nabili yang black omega hd 2?

    • semicurrent

      SM North EDSA Annex Cyberzone

    • David Gonzales

      SM North EDSA Annex Cyberzone

      • jean

        maganda din po ba ang white?

        • David Gonzales

          I think so but make sure to test the unit before buying!

          • Jiro

            magkano ngaun ang CM OMG HD 2.0 ngaung 2014?

  • jc

    Bat ganun? Grabe yung charging time. Na stuck na sa 47% almost 7hrs na ak nagchacharge.

    • David Gonzales

      Never experienced that. What happened? Try rebooting first.

  • Mango fett

    It’s more of a user experience piece rather than a review. Seems like an owner praising his phone a bit too much rather than being objective. My phone, skk, o+ and even star mobile aren’t too far behind and even exceed this cherry in a few areas.

    • David Gonzales

      You can find those generic and bland reviews in many other places. When the difference is just a few inches, megapixels (on paper), and a couple thousand bucks, the overall user experience matters more than anything else. If that’s what you got from this review then I guess I did my job well.

      • Mango fett

        Still, what I got from this review is an owner falling in love with his cellphone losing his objectivity. Its great for Filipinos that a lot more people like you are doing independent reviews.

        You fail to mention a lot of things like an issue you had with reliability or the fact that you may have had to change your phone. To some people this is terrible, the expense of having to go back and replace a unit an/or wait for a replacement does not justify the cost difference between the other brands.

        When doing reviews you generally mention the other competitive products. The Skk Silver, the O+ 8.15, the MyPhone A919i all can compete with this one. It just seems that you owning one, automatically puts the OHD 2.0 above everything else.

        You even proclaim it as being “the end”. It’s far from it, from the current crop of pinoy smartphones it’s generaly viewed as the most problematic one. Those generic and bland reviews you mention are the objective ones. Like DrAIm, Yuga or Unbox, Rappler.

        This review is a biased review meant for owners justifying their buying decision to get the CM OHD2.0. Guys ay TCP are fawning over this review. They are your target with this review.

        • dexter

          binayaran ng cherry mobile yan tahaha

  • Bob

    How much is Cherry Mobile paying you to market OHD 2.0?

    • David Gonzales

      Not much more than what I had to pay your mom last night, Bob.

      • eman


    • Lee Roy Robles

      Do you want some aloe vera? Cuz you just got BUUUUUURRRNED!

  • King james

    You may be skilled with words with this biased review, but you cannot hide the fact that you lack the technical knowledge to lengthen a review without resorting to making irrelevant comments.

    I can sense you are trying to copy him, but like many others you are not him. Dami na kasi copycats nun nagsimula siya magreview. Imba kasi. Too bad nalang ayaw niya review si Ohd 2 dahil same lang ng 1 kaso may quad core na.

    • David Gonzales


  • BERN

    Great review.

  • BERN

    This maybe the best review i’ve ever read.

    • Kagura

      I agree…. maybe 80% better than the past review….

  • jayherrera

    kuya kaya po ba palitan yun user interface nyan kasi masyadong iniskined daw yan

    • USB

      Just download a Launcher from Google Play

      • InteresadongTao

        whats the best launcher out there? newbie lng po sa kc ako sa play :)

        • USB

          APEX Launcher :)

  • patrick

    I am a new owner of Cherry Mobile HD 2.0 I enjoyed it a lot. I am an android lover compared to Iphone and windows, I love andriod OS than others. I enjoyed using my NEW HD. I compared it with IPHONE and S3 it is so nice. My friends notice the amazing HD brought by cherry company. They even like the features of my HD when we compare it to S3. I will love and hoping to enjoy this more.

    • Meg12

      niroot nyo po ba yung omega hd 2.0 nyo?

  • DL

    Excellent review. For someone planning to buy a local smartphone and who’s very meticulous with the specs, this is definitely a great read!

  • Raquel J. Gammad

    Hi Dave! May I just ask if CM Omega HD 2.0 is supported by USB OTG Host?

    • USB

      Unfortunately USB OTG is not supported. There are rumors that it will be available in an update but it hasn’t been released yet.

      • JerDan Cruz

        Any updates bout diz? Bka nman po may iba paraan pra ma install un usb otg feature? Sana meron.. cuz that wud be great.. to copy and watch hd movies directly from flash drives..

        • USB

          Try to join the OHD2.0 FB group

  • friend

    hi, i bought my omega hd 2.0 last monday so far wala naman akong problema, ang ganda nga eh. tanong ko lang pano po ba mag.set sa camera yung foreground focus at background focus… salamat po…

  • iamnak

    nakabili ako ng OHD2 las july 19 ung unit is nang-ha-hang so pinapalit ko ngayon naman ung bagong unit nag-hang ulit at ayaw na mag-open… hayyy anu papalit ko na naman?!

    • mark chang

      papalit mo na yan

  • iamnak

    dadalhin ko pa naman sana abroad pano kung ung ipapalit is doon na naman mag-hang uuwi pa ko para ipapalit ulit?!

  • Charlotte

    Talaga bang matagal mag charge tong omega? 4hrs?

    • InteresadongTao

      i have the same charging time.. wonder if the rumors that some samsung battery can be modified to fit omega are true… hope somebody would comment about this :)

  • ohd2_fan

    di po ba lag kahit almost full na ang 32gb memory card? answer pls…… ty!

    • Mhel Atencia

      Hindi sir, Lagging is based on Memory usage, GPU and Processor.

  • Kelvin Dela Rosa

    may cosmos ngayon na lumabas pero im planning to buy omega hd 2.0… kung kayo tatanungin san ba ko sa cosmos o sa omega hd???

    • Lee Roy Robles

      Siguro omega hd, ang mahal na kasi mashado ng cosmos.

  • Meg12

    Pag hindi po ba sya rooted hindi sya madadownloadan ng mga games kagaya ng temple run 2,candy crush,ETC?

    • semicurrent


      • Mhel Atencia

        YEP!? May knowledge kaba talga sa OHD2 o biased ka lang? You can download and run everything in this phone from games to any ordinary apps without rooting the phone. Except, for customizing the ROM and tweaking the system.

        • David Gonzales

          Sorry, I misread the question. Thanks for posting the correct answer. :)

        • geoff

          hi i wanna ask why google play store cant used on my cm omega hd?
          it is because i use nova settings instead of original setup nya?
          cant regis kc sa google everytime i want to

          pls help :( 09321758188)

  • dismayadong consumer

    I bought omega hd2.0 last June 3 after reading good reviews and comparing it with other android phones having almost the same price. 5 days after it just didn’t open,as in dead phone..Kinailangan ko pa mag taray after mga 30 mins. na kinokontak ng saleslady ung amo nya Kasi they refuse to replace kahit hawak ko na technical report ng Service Center ng CM. Before mag-one month ayun ayaw namang mag charge..balik ulit angle brand new omega hd 2.0 sa blockbuster na service center at SM North Edsa..

  • RBTG

    Nagstart ako mag charge ng mga 11% na lang yung battery pero after 3 hours, 48% pa lang. Bago na kasi yung USB cord nung charger ko, nasira na yung USB Cord na kasama nung binili. Pero dati e more than 4 hrs din bago to ma-full charge. 2 months na sakin tong unit.

    Gaano ba katagal ang charging time? Thanks

    • RBTG

      May kinalaman ba yung USB cord (di ko kasi alam e)? or may problema na sa battery??? Thanks

      • weee

        tingnan mo ung charger mo bka mababa ang pasok ng kuryente

        • MA

          check for the mah input of your charger. mostly .5Ah/500mah better kung 1Ah

          • MA

            sorry output pala

    • Mhel Atencia

      That is normal sir.. 3-4 hrs ang full charging. kahit naman sa ibang android phones, pero hindi lahat.

  • jerone

    i have a question about sa internal memory. on the box it says 4G internal memory but when i bought the phone its only almost 2G of internal memory. is it just my phone with this type of problem? please help asap. thanks.

    • jen

      I have the same issue and im planning to return the unit to get a replacement.

      • semicurrent

        It’s not an issue.

    • mark chang

      it is 4gb, however because of the pre installed apps on your your phone
      it becomes 2gb now. however if you opt not to have the pre installed
      apps then the the 4gb will be possible, hence your phone will be empty

  • jerone

    hello? nabura ung question ko?

    • semicurrent

      What was the question?

      • Kagura

        the question is “hello?”

  • jen

    I purchased one last saturday. So far the only issue that i had was the space bar on the keypad that’s not too responsive and the one that disappointed me the most is its 2GBinternal storage. The box says its supposed to be 4GB.

    • chertiomale

      It’s really 4GB. It’s just that your device has already downloaded files when purchased. If you will delete everything in your phone, then it will go back to 4GB. Then your phone’s gonna be empty.

      • Kagura

        You’ll right… that 2GB is for the phone’s default files & stuffs

  • yza

    supported ba nya yung video popup play?

  • fabulousa

    Pnu mg screenshot d2 sa Omega HD?

    • David Gonzales

      Power button + Volume down

  • Darwin, Taguig City

    Well written article and very helpful. Thank you for this.

  • YericV

    I got one two months ago. why is the video quite dark even when flash is enabled.

    • David Gonzales

      Try mo gumamit ng ibang camera apps, download ka sa Google Play Store.

    • mark chang

      try to adjust the brightness and setting of the video, and then try to capture again

  • EuriBoy11

    it’s been 3 months na since binili namin ng wife ko yung tig isa naming CM OHD 2.0 and up til now walang problema or anything.
    Since it’s an android phone it’s very customizable. kahit nga hindi ka na mag install ng Launcher at gamitin na lang yung default na launcher nya ayos din eh. sulit na sulit ang pagka HD nya. been playing HD games, viewing HD photos and videos at maganda talaga ang camera nya, we actually sold our 14megapixel snapper kasi di na namin nagagamit dahil ok naman yung 12megapix ng OHD 2.0 and yung phone na ang ginagamit naming camera in any occasions. mabilis and fluid ang performance ng phone and ansarap ipagyabang sa ibang smart phone users, hindi nakakahiyang iharap sa iphone 5 and samsung S4 users. tas naka tengga lang yung Acer Netbook N2800 namin kasi mabilis and masarap gamitin sa pag ne-net at pagba-browse ang Omega HD 2.0 (still depends on how good you internet connection is) di ko lang alam kung LTE capable ang phone, pero kung oo eh di mas swabe. we even use the phone for tethering and as a wifi hotspot. The OHD 2.0 can also handle multiple running apps at walang problema magswtich from one app to another by pressing down the home button for 2-3 seconds.

    Kaya sa lahat ng bumili at nagbabalak bumili ng Omega HD 2.0 its a good choice compared sa ibang local brands d’yan.

    • Kagura

      Salamat po boss sa Feed Back….. Tama nga sila na maganda nga ito….
      hehe…. ang pina ka hoped ko lang eh kong bababa pa ng konte ang price
      ngayong x-mas…. hehe

      • Woogie

        May bagong pricelist bro… 1K drop nah… hehehe…

    • Jay-ar Buño

      Ported MiUi to my Omega HD and further improved the performance, maganda yung phone even until now, steal parin xa for the price. i compare mo sa mga kasabayan niya, luging-lugi talaga sila.. talo pa neto ang starmobile knight nga eh na mas mahal pa sa kanya.

      try nio MiUi.. :)

  • Alfie Anido

    camera on my Omega HD 2.0 hangs and i have to reboot to access the camera again. this happens after i charge the phone or after i turn off from the internet. do you guys know of any workaround?

    anyway overall this phone is fantastic. i do not have to shell 30k just to get a phone with these type of specs.

  • chris

    I was really disappointed with the 1GB internal memory. Haaaaai.

  • james

    headphones with remotes sound muffled T_T why???

  • Tiffany

    I have a question, I own an Omega HD 2.0, I bought 16gb memory card, whenever I will connect it to my laptop to transfer some movies and songs, after I transfer the files, I recognized that some of the pictures in my phone is missing, some of the games are no longer installed and I know that I did not delete them. Can you help me? I’m not that techy…

    • David Gonzales

      Do you still have this problem? Some pictures may not appear immediately after a recent file transfer because the memory has not been fully updated yet. You need to give the phone a while to update the cache for you to see the photos in the Gallery app, for example. But I’m sure if you check under the FIle Manager, you’ll find all your files.

  • nateclimbs

    Any 4g LTE Cherry Mobile devices out there for consumers at this moment in time. Wishing my CM Cosmos was LTE enabled but it’s not.

    • David Gonzales

      Why did you buy it? Any cool features you like?

  • imbyerna

    one thing for sure i will never ever buy cherry mobile phone again, super nkakadismaya!! this was the first time n bumili ako ng cherry mobile brand and that was omega hd 2.0 because of the reviews i read, i bought it last april after 4 mos sira n a agad bigla nlng nmtay as in di n maopen, till now di p rin naibabalik skin, almost 6 weeks n and yet still no feedback from the main office! now i learned my lesson…kya sa mga ngbabalak bumili dyan magisip isip kayo…much better n bumili ng branded phones khit mahal sulit nmn…compared sa mga mura n mamumura mo tlga..

  • JerDan Cruz

    This thread still alive?

    • David Gonzales

      Still here :)

  • GIO

    Have one, two months ago and I felt headached of this phone. I dont know why. Anybody there to help me explain this thing.

    • David Gonzales

      What’s the problem?

      • Kagura

        yeah…. you keep on typing without saying the problem….

  • akocm16

    Screenshot from my omege HD 2.0.,
    hindi ko na po magagamit, its keeps on popping.,
    pano po ba efifix ito?

    • David Gonzales

      Try doing a System Restore through Settings. Back up all your data first!

  • akocm16

    sa mga naka experience na ng ganitonf probz, patulong nman.,

  • akocm16

    @electronicpulp:disqus: Tol, baka may maitulong ka tungkol jan sa previous post ko.,patulong nman., Willing akong magcompromise to fix this on my own., Kaso d ko alam kung pano ko uumpisahan., ilang beses ko na nairestart, reboot, baklas battery, ganun pa din.,

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  • chertiomale

    Pano po i’turn off ang shutter sound?

    • Anon

      Hindi pwede sa default camera app, kailangan ng other camera app

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  • Marestila Dañoso

    can it read usb storage?

    • semicurrent

      Are you asking about USB on-the-go? Sadly it is not a supported feature. There have been rumors that it might be included in a software update, but Cherry Mobile hasn’t released one yet so far.

  • Marestila Dañoso

    it says under settings menu,storage…insert usb storage for mounting.but when i tried nothing it possible?

  • Marestila Dañoso

    another thing, screenshot option.shortcut buttons if any?

    • semicurrent

      Try pressing the power button to see if a Screenshot option pops up. The actual shortcut is Power button + Volume down.

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  • jesse

    sir, ask ko lng po kung 4g or hspa+ ready po b omega hd 2.0? planning to buy in a few days.

    pls. help po.

    mlki po ba speed difference ng 3g lng with 4G/hspa+ ready connection? thanks..

    accdg to this… it only has 3.5G ready connection.

    im also having trouble choosing between hd 2.0 or blaze 2.0 especially because of the price drop, the two are identically priced. both mostly have the same specs but i guess it all boils down to personal preference on screen size, but i am leaning more on hd 2.0 but as i’ve said, i have no idea if it will have a big difference in terms of speed between having hspa+ ready connection or only the 3g ready of the HD 2.0. I’m asking this because i will use often my phone as a wifi hotspot for my laptop at school.

    I pm’ed you because i guess ur knowledgeable with this kind of stuff..

    your helpful reply would be mostly appreciated. thanks and godbless.

  • Pjosef

    I will consider this review as one of the good faces of CM OHD 2.0, Di kasi na discuss yun konting problem sa camera, video recording. I would say na yun may balak bumili, punta kyo sa FB group ng Omega HD 2.0 before buying kasi may guide dun pra maiwasan ang pag bili ng may defective na unit. tpos mag basa din ng thread regarding this phone.

  • Alex Zaire

    help guys.. I’m having issues with my Real Racing 3 ang lag po.. idk why.. yung iba sa youtube na napanood ko smooth gaming nila.. help..ty

    • semicurrent

      Download mo Real Racing Graphics then reduce the graphics quality

  • boy pik-ap

    ako sa dec 5 mag to-two months na yung ohd 2.0 ko.. naging problema ko lang eh dalawang memory card ko sinira nya wala pang isang bwan -_- pumunta ako sa cm sa moa, ang sabi nila baka daw kasi yung memory card ko low classparang ganun… kasi nga cdr king naman yun… so ayaw nya sa low brand sinira nya haha! well kidding aside ok sya kung sa ok… kaso 1 time na bumagsak sya…(nasa loob ng bag ko na may mga towel at kung ano ano pa) naapektuhan yung earset headset ganun… naging parang may kina crumple na plastic kapag nakikinig… tapos yung camera din naapektuhan… kaya yung may mga ohd ingat kasi para sa mga maiingat na tao ata talaga tong phone an to.. *di naman ako balahura pero aksidente talaga pagkakalaglag*
    overall keri naman specs, yung bilis ok na ok *siguro kaya ko nasabing mabilis eh galing ako sa flare kaya nakita ko yung big difference.* kahit mahina yung speaker nya ok naman… sabi nga rin pala ng mga taga cm talagang mahina ang headset na kasama sa package sa kahit anong phone nila.. pero nung ginamitan ko ng phillips ganda ng sounds.. sana bumaba pa ng 6999 yung price bili pko ng isa hahaha!!

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  • Haluthut

    Ask ko lng kung pwede gamitin ang dual sim ng cm omega
    hd 2 sa middle east..Sabi kasi ng cherry mobile staff eh single sim lng
    sa abroad pero di raw nila sure..plz help if it can be used in the middle east.

  • che che

    Hello po .. ask ko lng po pwede po bng magamit ang CM omega hd 2.0 sa other countries like mid east po ? .help nmn po .. salamat .godbless ;)

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  • Eizzil Retsej Gaib

    Ask ko lang po regarding sa cam quality nya with regards to POORLY LIGHTED situations. Yung kaseng pinakita nyo eh mejo may light pa sa background na nakikita ko kaya i think, nakatulong sa quality nung shot. Eh how’s the performance neto pag gabi na? I’m planning to buy this kase pero mejo hesitant ako kase like other phones around, they boast about the pixels they have, ok nga sa daylight, but then they suck so bad in dim light shots which makes me think that the flash (pati yung nagyayabang na dual LED kuno yung nakalagay na flash) is completely useless!!! Yung photo quality kase pag poorly lighted ang habol ko naman ngayon. Any reply would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

    • David Gonzales

      You really can’t hope for much when it comes to low-light camera performance no matter what cameraphone you use. The camera flash on the OHD2 in particular can only cover subjects sitting about 1-2 feet away. Any further than that and you might as well not use the flash at all. It’s not completely useless, but if you plan to use the camera inside completely dark rooms all the time, you can just forget it. Buy a real camera instead with a real flash unit.

      • Eizzil Retsej Gaib

        thought about that too. thanks a lot.

  • ludwig

    pa help po nagluko ko ung cm omgega hd 2.0 ko ng mag update ako ng system software nya ngayon lng umaga ng 1/1/14 ayaw na nya mag on unabis. nag on sya ng ilang try ko kaso parang nag cra-crash sya, tapos wala na ayaw na. salamat po

  • Jiro

    Magkano ba CM Omega HD 2.0 ngaun sa SM North?

  • Jiro

    magkano ung Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2.0 ngaun sa SM North?

  • Bhengxski Majam

    anong pwedeng compass application para sa omega hd 2.0 kasi dami ko ng install na compass apps halos lahat di nagana.

  • Donna

    hi. i am a cherry mobile omega HD 2.0 user for more than 6months now. i love the phone but there’s one problem i got. i always encounter storage space running out. i already had 16gb memo card still the same issue occurs.. will this greatly affect my cp’s performance? pansin ko kasi i cant download other apps na kahit almost wla nang natira sa downloaded apps ko sa kaka-delete ko. please help mw

    • David Gonzales

      Hi Donna, try to change the Settings in your phone so that your downloaded apps will be installed to your microSD card automatically. Also, move all the apps installed on the phone’s internal storage over to your microSD card in order to free up space. Hope this helps!

  • Rizza Verzosa

    Ask ko lang kung naexperience nyo na ung pag gamit nyo ung lock screen which is “pattern”, may lumalabas ba sa left side ng screen nyo na line? Hope someone might answer. Thanks.

    • David Gonzales

      I tried it on the OHD2 and I can’t replicate it, are you sure it’s not the extra lockscreen on the left?

  • mothnov

    nakakasar lang kung bakit ang daming nag bibigay ng bad comments. tangina daming alam pede namang iclose na lang ung page. very informative kaya to, putang ina
    daming alam nung iba nakikibasa na nga lang di pa magpasalamat,

  • Lheng

    Sir ask ko lang matagal poh ba talaga i charge ung phone omega? kase halaos magdamag d pa sya fully charge/. Thanks.

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  • chris

    hello. can you help me. i cant use my opera mini even my browser in mya CMOH2.0 phone. nka.unlisurf nmn po ung sim q. and i can access my google play. plz really need your help!

  • chris

    hello. need your help regarding my browser and opera mini. i cant use it even though i have a unlisurf promo in my sim. plz help me. tnx. just message me in my acct. badly need your help…

  • rain

    pa help guys. bakit d ako mka gamit ng 3g? pag ginawa kong WCDMA only, wla tlgang signal. kaya hina ng net ko. pano ba to?

  • rain

    why i cant connect on 3g. i tried so many times using the WCDMA only but no signal shows. pls help me

  • rain

    i cant connect to 3g. i already tried so many times to use the WCDMA only but it appears no signal. can someone help me on this?

  • Reymar Prieto

    Bakit emergency calls only nalabas sa phone ko kahit may signal. Minsan naman mahina signal. Tapos pagbinuksan ko yun wifi mawawala ung mobile network ko cant send me